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  • She is our fearsome leader and the Wizard behind the curtain!
  • Diana founded Gala Rental in 2004 in Puerto Rico. Before establishing Gala Rental, she worked in the special event industry as General Manager for a leading production company since 1997.
  • After 15 years, Gala Rental became the leader of high-end rentals in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Diana and her family decided to move the company from Puerto Rico to Central Florida when the industry stalled after Hurricane Maria.
  • Diana manages the company and oversees inventory purchasing to maintain ahead of industry trends.
  • She loves to be on the lookout for everything new and trendy in the event furnishing industry, as well to spend time with her beautiful family and traveling around the world!

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  • Gabriela is our Head Designer and Master of all Trades (she also manages finance and accounting).
  • She has a very easygoing personality that makes her incredibly creative. No matter the style, theme or event, she can always bring the magic in by combining our inventory in the best way possible to the amazement of our clients and guests.
  • Her B.A. in Communications, plus her extended studies in design and flower arrangement, makes her an instrumental part of the Gala Team, giving added value to our partners.
  • She loves the production aspect of the event business, so it’s not rare to find her in the truck doing deliveries and set ups, making sure everything looks perfect for the guests (and the venue, and the host, and the photographer, etc., etc.)
  • When not balancing books, designing or setting up incredible spaces, you can find her playing and raising her precious Diego (our Gala heir-in-chief AKA: “The Future Boss”)

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  • Daniel is our Warehouse Production Manager and The Logistics Man. He has been in the industry for over a decade since the company is a family owned company.
  • He has a passion for what he does and shows in his attention to detail and service. He is constantly looking for new design concepts and designing creative and high end inventory.
  • When not leading the crew, designing or setting up incredible spaces, you can find him spending quality time with his family.